Tuesday, July 9, 2019 11:54 AM PST

My name is Adrienna, I am the head coordinator of #demandfreespeech. This past week we had a rally in DC at Freedom Plaza. Although I believe the rally went well, we were stopped short due to a permit error on the national parks end. Some speakers who were to speak were going to speak at the VIP. Our VIP party was originally to be held at the international spy museum. Which we were thrown out of last minute before July 6th due to safety reasons over Antifa threats. I had less than a week to find a new venue and new catering services to keep undisclosed and safe from Antifa. In that process, #demandfreespeech lost over 25 thousands dollars and the team did their best to accommodate. It is with a heavy heart that at the VIP not all speakers were able to give their speeches or even hear the Q&A going on. Some of our guests may have been disappointed. I personally want to apologize for any hard feelings or upsets. The issues and harmful concerns we faced were a top priority those four days in DC. As the head coordinator my biggest concern was safety and protection of my speakers that cane along. Gratefully we had amazing protection from the Antifa riots in the streets of DC.

The belly of the beast was hungry. Issues were arising one after another. A coordinator from the team was stealing money and property from speakers, Antifa threats of safety causing us to lose the ballroom venue that was set up for the speakers and Q&A on top of thousands of dollars gone due to catering and food being bought already, Park permit not being at the right time for closing, New venue for VIP was not as suitable for speakers and a Q&A as we thought. The heart break and failure because some of the speakers could not get their words across is felt deeply in my heart and I know theirs as well. I started this movement to give these wonderful speakers that you look forward to hearing, or help donate to, a large platform. With that being said the issues we ran into will not be happening further and we will improve on all areas needing fixed.

I hope this helps any of you to understand the dilemmas we faced this weekend as a team and as a whole group together. And as the head coordinator I just say I will make sure those not heard in DC will be heard in Miami even louder. It is getting closer and closer to 2020 elections and we need to be heard!

Thank you for your patience, your time, and your dedication to these speakers. Even though some things went off with a hinge and uncontrollable, your favorite activists were kept safe and at a top priority while in DC.

Please forgive the mix ups and move forward with us onto our next adventure in Miami with #demandfreespeech.

With a warm heart I ask for forgiveness on behalf of #demandfreespeech and #stophate we work very hard for the platform.

Thank you kindly,

For more information contact: Adrienna DiCioccio

Or contact: David Sumrall

DC Freedom Rally Press Release

Thursday, May 9, 2019 1:33 PM PST

On Saturday, July 6th, 2019, we are holding a rally to #DemandFreeSpeech at Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC, to help expose Big Tech and social media giants such as Facebook, PayPal, Uber and Twitter, for censoring, banning and deplatforming, as President Trump said, Conservatives or other voices. Confirmed speakers for the Freedom Rally include well-known public figures who have been silenced, such as Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, Jacob Engels, and others.

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See which has already been signed by high-profile figures including Roger Stone, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, Rosanne Barr, Ben Garrison, and many more..

For more information contact: Adrienna DiCioccio

Or contact: David Sumrall

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NY #StopTheBias Protest Recap

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